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Performance Batteries

On your behalf, we’ve entered a partnership with our suppliers to provide the most comprehensive car battery fitment service and after care available nationwide. The very latest technology comes to us first, and it matches the latest automotive technology pulse for pulse.

In the Willard Achiever Range, you’ll find the car battery that not only matches the latest advances – but actually surpasses them. Alarms and Tracking systems also ask for more from your battery, 365 days a year – so the old saying of the battery being the heart of your car, rings true.

90% of vehicle breakdowns are as a direct result of battery failure. And usually if the battery failed – it was the battery maintenance that pushed it over the edge. And that’s where he “Willard Early Warning” Maintenance Plan comes in. Only available through our network, the plan keeps your sparks fresh and strong. And only takes 5 minutes. So you could say it’s done in a flash. It’s also FREE!

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